Why dentists recommend flossing

a woman with white teeth

If you ask someone if they floss there teeth, most people will say no. This is not uncommon because dentists say that everyone hates flossing. Flossing also comes across as not cool. Most kids build the habit of brushing their teeth, but can’t develop the habit of flossing to maintain your oral health. Brushing your teeth is something that should be done twice a day. However, flossing isn’t. Flossing should be done a couple of times a week, but it wouldn’t hurt to do it every day. Since it doesn’t need to be done every day, it’s hard for people to build it into a habit because most forget about it. Here are a few reasons why flossing techniques can be truly beneficial for you.

Clean Mouth

Doesn’t it feel good to have a clean mouth? Don’t you hate when you can feel something stuck in your teeth, but you can’t get it out? That’s when dentists recommend flossing. Flossing can help you pull food out of your teeth and get to places in your mouth that a toothbrush can’t reach. When you eat chewy foods like steak or veal, it’s common for a lot of the food to get stuck in your teeth. Most of the time, if the food is stuck in between your teeth, the toothbrush can’t get it out unless your lucky. However, floss easily can clean the food from between your teeth. And of course, once you pull out the food that has been bothering you it feels a lot better and cleaner.

Good breath

Don’t you hate talking to someone with bad breathe? Everyone does. Dental specialists say that’s what happens when food is stuck in your teeth and you don’t floss. Food gets old and starts smelling bad. Since the food is held in your mouth, it makes your breath smell bad. So when you floss and pull the rotten food out of your mouth, it takes away the bad smell. Floss also has a slight minty flavor which makes your mouth smell way fresher, as your flossing.

When should you floss?

Dentists say it’s important to floss a couple of times a week on average. So in other words, if you floss a couple of times a week, you are in a good position to keep your teeth clean. However, if you want to keep your teeth much cleaner and always make your mouth as fresh as it can be, then floss a couple of times per day! You can floss in the nights, or after every meal depending on what you prefer. If you just got braces on, then dentists recommend flossing after every meal. The reason is that braces should be kept as clean as possible. That is why dentists recommend flossing after every meal if you have braces. But if you don’t have braces, most people can get away with flossing a couple of times per week.

Best floss

The best dental offices say that the greatest floss out there on the market today is probably Colgate. The reason being is Colgate is a credible brand that many people get results with. The Colgate floss comes in a small container that is easily portable. You can bring it anywhere! Since you can bring it anywhere, there should be no excuse for not being able to floss!

It only takes a few minutes to floss and can be done by anyone. People everywhere should raise their standards and start flossing. This will help everyone maintain a healthier smile and feel much better knowing they have good fresh breath! If you don’t floss, just make the decision to start. You only have to floss a few times a week which is what dentists recommend. Start now!

The Best Pro-Biotic Sources

Belly bloat is a common problem in a lot of people. There is no one reason for that and this issue may stem from a number of reasons such as overeating, intake of foods such as mushrooms or onions or very salty foods such as Chinese foods. Getting up and walking around, taking salsa water or other medications but most of the time, this does not really work out well.

Here is a solution that works for most folks. The solution is having probiotics and these would work for most people out there in terms of belly bloats and many other problems. These are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of different organs of the body and promote digestive health. They digest food much more completely and fast as compared to the digestive juices alone. When these bacteria are taken in and mix with the digestive juices, they work wonders in digesting food. Digestive juices, on the other hand, don’t really break the food down and rather a bloat one. In cases, they also leave the gas behind.

In order to get probiotics into the diet, yogurt is the best way around. However, in order to keep the bloat away, yogurt has to be taken every day because these bacteria don’t live forever. They have short life expectancies so in order to build up good bacteria in the gut; yogurt must be taken every day for at least two weeks. It should preferably be taken during the breakfast. It is recommended that one takes a 6oz container of 2% fat. Those who love sugar tend to buy yogurt with syrupy fruits but this is not a good option. They can instead add fruits themselves rather than tolerating the syrup in the prepackaged fruity yogurt. The last, but not least, thing to take care of is to buy the label that says ‘live & active cultures’, ‘live culture yogurt’, ‘live active yogurt culture’ or something like that. This ensures that the yogurt contains live bacteria. If the bacteria are not alive, yogurt is of no use. For those who do not like yogurt, taking the daily probiotic supplement is a good option. This option might actually work better for many people, as compared to using yogurt. It contains bacteria that do not get killed inside the stomach. This supplement too has to be taken every day. Digestive Advantage from Schiff is a probiotic that works 10 times better than yogurt and can be tried too.